Are you ready to be become an ambitious player within the Money Transfer industry together with UPT?

UPT (Universal Payment Transfer) offers you, our valued business partner, the opportunity to become a Agentof the UPT network. The UPT network doesn’t require any changes in your current business model and there is no need for additional staff. With UPT you will be able to transfer money domestic as well as overseas. In other words, you will be able to serve an extra service to your current and potential customers, which eventually can contribute positively on your operating costs.

To provide you beter service please contact use via phone: 0850 724 0 878 or provide your contact information and mail use at

Become an UPT Agent with the UPT advantages!

Local and global Fast Money Transfer Service
Fast&Cheap&Safe Money Transfer service for your customer
New Customer Acquisition

List of Documents Required in the Process of Becoming an Agent of the UPT
  • Application form
  • Tax Registration Certificate
  • Trade Registry Gazette
  • Copy of ID for each partner
  • Criminal record certificate for each partner
  • List of authorized signatures
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Deal